Yohei Taneda EXHIBITION Featuring the World of Koki Mitani’s Fiims : retracing the Production Designs up to Kiyosu Kaigi, and …

Production design is to create the worldview of a film, in other words, to create the ‘fake space’. One of the important tasks in the production design is to make the sets out of that space, to give the reality to the story evolving in the film. Koki Mitani, he is one of directors who respects and embraces the film sets we create for the stories.
It’s my great pleasure to have this opportunity, to show the audiences ‘production designs co-starring with the actors’ – peculiarity of Mitani’s films in the CG governed time – together with my works I have done for the films overseas. – Yohei Taneda

Yohei Taneda has worked as production designer with Koki Mitani, for his directed films “The Ucho-ten Hotel”, “The Magic Hour”, “Suteki na Kana-shibari”, and his new film “Kiyosu Kaigi” (to be released on November 9th). This autumn, an exhibition is to be given at The Ueno Royal Museum, to show Mitani’s films’ distinctive worldview, along with the crafts of production designs that bring the world into a reality.

Labyrinth-like Hotel Avanti, the Paradise Street in Sukago City – ‘it’s like a film set’, says one of the characters in a whisper -, a courtroom where a ghost is called for as a witness, and 16th century’s castle ‘Kiyosu-jo’, where the ‘battle of war’ under the name of ‘congress’ is staged upon……besides those main sets, all those production designs items by the hands of Yohei Taneda – various kinds of sets and spatial designs both indoors and outdoors, to consist the whole cities and villages; graphic designs such as titles and credit titles, opening-title credits; decorations, properties, DVD packages – his works have been the great source both in producing the Mitani films’ world and in supporting his stories.

You will enjoy this special opportunity to feel and experience once again the wide variety and fun Mitani’s films give us, through the displays of the models, decorations and props actually used in the filming, and the documents collected in preparation of the set, added to them, the sets specially re-assembled for this occasion..

Also, here you can see more of Taneda’s works, his grand designs producing huge sets and cities and villages used in his collaborated films overseas, namely, ” Kill Bill Vol.1 ” (Quentin Tarantino), “Warriors of the Rainbow” (Wei Te-Sheng), “The Flowers of War” (Zhang Yimou) and “Man of Tai Chi” (Keanu Reeves).

Film Arts Co-starring With Actors – enjoy this special occasion at the museum this autumn.

Yohei Taneda EXHIBITION Featuring the World of Koki Mitani’s Fiims : retracing the Production Designs up to Kiyosu Kaigi, and …
Schedule:12 Oct. 2013-17 Nov. 2013
Venue:The Ueno Royal Museum

 film “Kiyosu Kaigi”