“Monster Hunt” Released to be a Blockbuster in China

First ever family-oriented fantasy film in China, with cute monsters as main characters. Boasting really good quality in CG, I believe this film has become an entertainment which will be welcomed worldwide. Hope it will be released in your country and my country, Japan as well. — Yohei Taneda

“Monster Hunt”, a fortunate marriage of animation and live-action, was released in China on the 16th July and quickly made a huge success as a Summer blockbuster in China.

This is the directorial debut of Raman Hui, who worked with DreamWorks for long to make animation films as animator staff as well as director, including ‘Shrek’ series.

Under the wing of Bill Kong, an established producer famous for producing films like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” , “HERO”, “LOVERS”, international cast and staff assembled together in this Chinese epic. Yohei Taneda was called from Japan to join them as a Production Designer, to create the world of ancient China, where monsters dwell in.

On the strength of Hui’s experiences as animation director, monsters are manifested cute and attractive, and especially ‘Wuba’, a baby monster to become a King, has already gained much popularity.

Cast: Jing Boran, Bai Baihe, Eric Tsang, Sandra Ng, Wallace Chung, Yao Chen, Yan Ni, Tang Wei
Directed by Raman Hui
Written by Alan Yuen and Raman Hui
Director of photography: Anthony Pun
Production design by Yohei Taneda
Costume design by Yee Chung Man
Produced and Distributed by : Edko Films Limited

 See the preview;

(translation: Yoko Shimada)